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Foundations of Systematic and Strategic Entrepreneurship in Complex Systems – High tech Entrepreneurship in International Perspective (in English and German)

Degree programme:

Master Wirtschaftswissenschaften – Business C: Digitalization & Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship II


Seminar: Prof. Liudvika Leisyte (Professor of Higher Education)
Tutorial (Übung): Sude Peksen & Claudius Terkowsky


7.5 ECTS (4 ECTS Seminar + 3.5 ECTS Tutorial/Übung)

Time and Place:

Seminar: Tuesdays, 10.15-11.45, starting date is 21.04.2020 (Online at: https://moodle.tu-dortmund.de/course/view.php?id=19158)

Tutorial (Übung): two-day tutorial, May 14+15 (Thursday and Friday), 10-17 h (s.t.) (CDI buildung, room 114)

Content of the Seminar:

In recent years, the quest for entrepreneurial success has become increasingly complex. Fast technological changes and highly permeable global markets are just two of many forces that contribute to these dynamics. Yet, at the same time, some of the basic principles remain the same. The key characteristics of entrepreneurs as well as the process of creating new ventures are largely the same, although context dependent. Therefore, this seminar will focus on high-tech entrepreneurship and academic entrepreneurs from an international perspective. We will show how universities and entrepreneurs are working together and how both parties can profit from each other.  Moreover, we use the latest international empirical as well as theoretical insights of entrepreneurship studies and innovation studies to increase your understanding of the process of creating new ventures. Additionally, the tutorial (Übung) will provide opportunities to generate ideas for high-tech and academic entrepreneurship. You will develop your capacity to generate business ideas, filter them, and recognize the most feasible and potentially profitable opportunities amongst all of the noise present in today’s marketplace.


All students are expected to actively participate in the seminar. Each of the sub-topics covered in the seminar will have compulsory and optional reading. It is expected that students will work on the assignment, present it and participate in the discussions. The assignment will consist of a case study of TU Dortmund and the Dortmund Technology Center. The number of participants of this seminar is limited to 20. The tutorial (Übung) will include workshop on creativity to help you develop business ideas which you will be further elaborate in your assignment.


Seminar: 4 Credits; task for getting a grade: graded presentation and seminar paper
Tutorial (Übung): 3.5 Credits; task for getting the grade: active participation in the tutorial (Übung)


Only ONLINE Registration:

The following web page contains information on online registration and links to the registration form:

This link is only active during the registration period. If it does not work or to inquire free places after online registration has closed, please contact .

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Prof. Dr. Liudvika Leisyte

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