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Guide for Writing a Thesis

Points to take into account while writing your thesis

Bachelor’s Thesis


The general course of action for writing a bachelor’s thesis at the Professorship of Higher Education is:

  • Informal application by , stating one to three possible bachelor’s thesis topics*.
  • Selection interview and choice of a topic as well as registration for the project seminar.
  • After successful completion of the project seminar, Prof. Leisyte will write a letter to "Prüfungsverwaltung" to declare that she will be your supervisor.
  • Write the thesis: in the process, make sure to send the questionnaire for surveys or interview schedules to Prof. Leisyte to get approval before you start your empirical work.
  • Submit to "Prüfungsverwaltung", Dez. 4.3.

Application period:

  • July 15 to September 1 for the following winter semester
  • February 15 to March 1 for the following summer semester

The selection interviews will take place shortly after applications have been received.

Type and time frame of the thesis:

  • Generally, all theses at the Professorship are empirical (i.e. the self-organized collection and analysis of data is part of every thesis). This type of thesis has a time frame of 13 weeks (for details see the Prüfungsordnung).
  • In exceptional cases, theoretical theses are accepted. The specific topic must then be discussed and agreed on with Prof. Liudvika Leisyte. The time frame for this type of thesis is only 9 weeks.

» The time frame (count of weeks) starts with the registration of your topic (a letter from Prof. Leisyte to the Prüfungsamt).

Topic of the thesis:

Generally, the topics you can choose for a thesis should be highly relevant for practice and policy and the thesis should to be empirically grounded. The topic you choose should relate to the main research fields of the Professorship of Higher Education (see: http://www.zhb.tu-dortmund.de/zhb/hdhf/en/research/index.html).

*Possible Topics:


  1. Stakeholder representation and their characteristics in the boards of non-profit organizations
  2. Diversity Management and gender equality in management teams
  3. Factors leading to innovation success in professional organizations
  4. The influence of board membership on performance of professional organizations
  5. Management of organizational change in professional organizations
  6. The role of chancellors in German higher education


  1. The role of student entrepreneurs in creating startups on campus
  2. Characteristics of German entrepreneurs
  3. Entrepreneurship and gender: differences between male and female entrepreneurs
  4. Motivations of academic entrepreneurs to patent their knowledge
  5. Policies of German universities to promote knowledge commercialization
  6. Policies and practices of patenting in Germany

Profession, Performance, and Mobility

  1. Importance of work satisfaction of professionals for performance
  2. Working at home versus working in the office – implications for productivity
  3. The motivations for international mobility of professionals
  4. Factors leading to successful integration of foreign professional employees in Germany
  5. The role of performance based funding on academic productivity
  6. Changing academic profession in the managerial era: what happens to professional autonomy

Preconditions for a bachelor’s thesis at the Professorship of Higher Education:

Theses are accepted according to certain preconditions and according to capacities of scientific staff.

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