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LeDLe – Learning from Digital Learning Environment: European Students' Perspective

Project title

European Students' Perspective on Learning from Digital Learning Environment: The Potential Role of Knowledge Quality, Interactive Quality and Virtual Competence


The research project aims to develop a framework to understand the factors that are playing key role(s) in student learning in online environments.

The research aims to identify the role of quality of knowledge, interaction, and virtual competence to assess the European students' perceived learning from digital learning environments in different European countries.

Following research questions will guide the study.

  1. What is the relationship between knowledge quality, interaction quality, virtual competence and students' satisfaction with digital learning  environment?
  2. How students' satisfaction influence on students' perceived learning effectiveness from digital learning environment?

Project host

The two-year project is hosted by Prof. Liudvika Leisyte, Professor of Higher Education at zhb, TU Dortmund.

Project period

7/2017 – 6/2019


Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation (Georg Forster Research Fellowship)

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Dr. Mehwish Waheed
Former guest researcher

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