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Higher Education Research Colloquium Series

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The Colloquium takes place at zhb – Professorship of Higher Education
CDI Buildung, Vogelpothsweg 78, Dortmund, room 114 (unless otherwise indicated)

All interested parties, including externals and students, are invited to participate in the colloquia. Participation is free of charge, registration is kindly requested.

Upcoming Talks

Prof. Dr. Heather EgginsOnline via video conference at May 27, 2020, Wednesday, 16:00-17:30 h
Please register by e-mail to Anna-Lena Rose. She will send you the link to the video conference and further access data.

Prof. Dr. Heather Eggins (Staffordshire University, UK)

Strategic decision making in uncertain times: A UK study of higher education institutions

Organisation of the colloquium:

  • Please watch the video (duration: 48 minutes) of prof. Eggins' talk at SGH Warsaw School of Economics prior to the colloquium.
  • At the beginning of the online-meeting, Prof. Eggins will summarize the key points of the talk mentioned above and add information on recent developments that are relevant for her topic, especially focusing on the challenges universities experience due to the corona virus.
  • Afterwards, a discussion will take place. Requests to ask questions can be put in the chat and the moderator will grant rights to speak accordingly.

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» video of the talk at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, 27.02.2020

Prof. Dr. Stefan KuhlmannJune 24, 2020, Wednesday, 16:00-17:30 h

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kuhlmann (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

Science diplomacy in the making

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Contact & Registration

Anna-Lena Rose

For registration or questions concerning the colloquium series, please contact Anna-Lena Rose.

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