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PhD Student at the Professorship of Higher Education

Benjamin Schiller Photo of Benjamin Schiller

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Doctoral thesis

Cooperative education is a phenomenon within Germany’s system of higher education and takes on greater significance. The number of enrolled students increased as well as the demand of skilled work force on the side of profit and non-profit organizations. Official statistics show evidence to this fact. Cooperative education can be attributed to the general term “third mission”. Cooperative study programs combine workplace training in a profit or non-profit organization with academic studies at a university. The study model is directly linked to the labor market and shows a complex stakeholder structure. Benjamin Schiller therefore studies in context of a dissertation how stakeholders influence the governance of the third mission at a multi-campus university in case of cooperative study programs. By using existing stakeholder-theories he analyses the role of stakeholders and their impact on governing the third mission at multiple levels. Based on qualitative case-studies the dissertation has the goal to investigate governance of the third mission regarding cooperative study programs more specific and wants to contribute to the governance debate in higher education research.

The topic of Benjamin Schiller's doctoral thesis is "Governance of the third mission at a multi-campus university: the case of cooperative study programs".

Professional activity

Benjamin Schiller works as Head of the Central Office at the School of Business of Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart. In his position he manages the Dean’s office and is responsible as a team leader for the employees working in the faculty of business. The areas of activity include finance, personnel, infrastructure, quality management and marketing. Benjamin Schiller graduated with a diploma degree in industrial engineering and management (2006) at the Stuttgart Media University and with a MBA degree at the Steinbeis University Berlin (2011).


GfHf – Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung (Higher Education Research Association)
SAGSAGA – Swiss Austrian German Simulation And Gaming Association

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Benjamin Schiller
Fakultät Wirtschaft / School of Business
Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart
Paulinenstraße 50
70178 Stuttgart



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