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6.8 English for Advanced – Communication Skills (C1)

This course is aimed at upper-intermediate to advanced (C1) level learners who are motivated to extend their language skills and proficiency to use English independently for global communication in an academic environment.

Key features of the course are:

  • Focus on acquiring communicative competence to enable learners to express themselves accurately and effectively in a wide variety of communicative situations;
  • Introducing learners to functional language to help them develop their fluency;
  • Promoting meaningful, authentic language by using audio which enables learners to develop effective listening strategies;
  • Developing reading skills using inspiring texts drawn from authentic sources in order to appeal to as many learners as possible;
  • Expanding lexical areas such as vocabulary, phrases, expressions, collocations etc. corresponding to the topics which enable learners to communicate confidently;
  • Providing students with opportunities to practice presentation skills.

Entry level: B2 (Der Kurs führt zum Sprachniveau C1)

Referentin: Barbara Raith

Zielgruppe: Wissenschaftliche Beschäftigte der TU Dortmund, die im englisch sprachigen Umfeld operieren

Teilnehmerbegrenzung: 15

Veranstaltungstermin: WS 2018/19 jeweils dienstags, 10.15-11.45 Uhr, Start: 09.10.2018

Veranstaltungsort: wird mit der Teilnahmebestätigung bekannt gegeben

Anmeldefrist: Dienstag, 11.09.2018