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Entrepreneurship V – Organization of innovation and applying different approaches to organizing innovation

Degree programmes and modules:

Master Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Module "Entrepreneurship V"


Prof. Liudvika Leisyte


7,5 ECTS

Content of the Seminar:

Fostering innovation is the goal of many governments as well as organizations in today’s knowledge economies. The seminar will introduce and critically discuss organizational models for innovation and provide deeper insights into the main characteristics of innovation. The latest research results will identify the main antecedents of successful innovations and the role of institutional entrepreneurs in the process of innovation. The tutorial will provide the space for practical application of the approaches to organizing innovation via the simulation game.
This seminar and tutorial will inform students about the latest approaches of organizing innovation internationally. Students will critically reflect on the key findings of studies of innovation and will carry out a research project of their own on particular innovation. Simulation game will provide practical skills for organization of innovation.


The seminar will start with the lecture which will cover the main theoretical models for organizing innovation. The topics for assignments and the suggested literature will be presented and students will choose the topics. Each of the seminars will have a presentation from students followed by a discussion.
All students are expected to actively participate in the seminar. Each of the sub-topics covered in the seminar will have compulsory reading. It is expected that students will work on the assignment, present it and participate in the discussions. The assignment will consist of a presentation on a given topic and an individual written 3000 words paper on a given topic. The number of participants of this seminar is limited to 20.
The tutorial will include a simulation game during which we will simulate innovation process in a professional organization.

Place and Time:

Seminar: Thursdays 10.15-11.45 (Start: 22.10.2015), room: Seminarraumgebäude 1 - 1.023
Tutorial: CDI building (Vogelpothsweg 78), room: 114, Thursday, 19.11.2015 and Friday, 20.11.2015, 10-17


Seminar: 4 Credits; task for getting a grade: presentation of the assignment and written paper
Tutorial: 3,5 Credits; task for getting the grade: active participation in the tutorial

Compulsory reading:

  • Link, A. N. and Siegel. D. S. (2007): Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technological Change. Oxford University Press.
  • Kneller, R. (2012) Invention management at Japanese Universities and its implications for innovation: Insights from the University of Tokyo. In Poh Kam Wong (Ed) Academic Entrepreneurship in Asia, EE.
  • Lu, Q. and Lazonick, W. (2001) The organization of innovation in a transitional economy: business and government in Chinese electronic publishing, Vol. 30 (1), Jan 2001, 55-77.

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