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Professorship of Higher Education

Sude Peksen Photo of Sude Peksen

(+49)231 755-8116

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Vogelpothsweg 78
Campus Nord

Room 104


Sude Peksen is scientific staff member at the Professorship of Higher Education since January 2017. Previously, she had been working as a student assistant at the chair. She is involved in the projects "Changing university in Lithuania – The managerial university and changing academic work in Lithuania" and the Lithuanian country study for "Academic Profession in the Knowledge Society (APIKS)".


Friedrich, J. D., Hachmeister, C. D., Nickel, S., Peksen, S., Roessler, I., & Ulrich, S. (2018). Frauen in Informatik: Welchen Einfluss haben inhaltliche Gestaltung, Flexibilisierung und Anwendungsbezug der Studiengänge auf den Frauenanteil? Gütersloh: Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung.

Peksen, S. (2018). Wie weiblich ist digitale Hochschullehre? Geschlechterspezifische Unterschiede in der Digitalisierung der Hochschullehre. Gütersloh: Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung.

Talks and Presentations

Peksen, S. (2018). Impact of digitalisation on higher education access: Gender implications. Poster presentation at the conference "Women in the Digital Future: Breaking through Stereotypes", München, Germany, December 7.

Peksen, S., Hachmeister, C.-D., & Roessler, I. (2018). Students' perception of digitalisation in German computer sciences programmes. Presentation at HEIR Conference, Dublin, Ireland, September 20.

Roessler, I., Hachmeister, C.-D., & Peksen, S. (2018). Does course design matter? Preferences of female and male students regarding different aspects of course design. Presentation at the EAIR 40th Annual Forum, Budapest, Hungary, August 27.

Peksen, S., Hachmeister, C.-D., & Roessler, I. (2018). The impact of digitalisation on computer sciences programmes in Germany: Gender implications. Presentation at EARLI SIG 4 Conference, Gießen, Germany, August 29.

Peksen, S., Rose, A.-L., & Leisyte, L. (2018). Third mission activities at Lithuanian higher education institutions. Poster presentation at the 13th Annual Conference of the German Association for Higher Education Research (Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung, GfHf), Speyer, Germany, April 12.

Peksen, S. (2017). FRUIT: Frauenanteile in Informatik steigern. Poster presentation at the Meeting of the Diversity Network (Diversity-Netzwerktreffen) 2017, Göttingen, Germany, September 14. Download: https://www.che.de/downloads/Diversity_Netzwerktreffen_Goettingen_FRUIT_Poster.pdf

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