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PhD Student at the Professorship of Higher Education

Julia Mergner Photo of Julia Mergner

Doctoral thesis

Her dissertation focuses on organizational change and development in German Higher Education (HE) institutions as a response to political demands. It takes the implementation of widening participation initiatives as an example. Combining different theoretical approaches from the field of organizational research, her research aims at illuminating the processes that are triggered by HE policy and explores how political demands are interpreted on the organizational level. In this context she investigates the underlying reasons for the implementation and the nature of these initiatives. More specifically, she attempts to identify specific institutional characteristics and their role in and their influence on the process of the program and the strategy implementation.

The topic of Julia Mergner's doctoral thesis is "Organisational change as a response to higher education policies: The case of the widening participation agenda".

Professional activity

Julia Mergner worked as a research assistant in the junior research group StuFHe ("Studierfähigkeit – institutionelle Förderung und studienrelevante Heterogenität") at the University of Hamburg.

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