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Department of Academic Teaching & Faculty Development

Matthias Heiner Photo of Matthias Heiner

(+49)231 755-5540

(+49)231 755-5543


Vogelpothsweg 78
Campus Nord

Room 113c

Areas of Expertise

Research in Higher Education

Competence Research

  • Competencies modeling
  • Competencies acquisition
  • Competencies measurement
  • Tertiary Teaching Skills, including study skills and expertise in various career fields, for example virtual enterprises

Social and media interaction in hypermedia teaching and learning and computer-assisted performance in learning environments.

Social and media interface design of scientific and science-based hypermedial environments.

The Didactics of Higher Education – Didactic Lecture Design

  • Moderation and moderation techniques for symmetrical teaching and learning environments
  • Teaching planning, reflexive learning, evaluation, qualitative development
  • Moderation and moderation techniques in hypermedial teaching and learning environments

Key Qualifications

  • Information and knowledge management
  • Communication and moderation skills in higher education
  • Primary and secondary studying qualifications in self- and time management

Visual Communication in teaching and learning contexts

Sociology of Hybrid Cultures

Social Media