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Romance Languages

Dear Students of TU Dortmund University!

The Romance languages of Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese have long since overcome the European borders and form a cornerstone of globalization worldwide. According to the latest research of the Council of Europe and Unesco, the Romance languages are already being spoken by a billion people and have therefore become an important tool for international communication.

The special feature of the Romance languages is that they belong to the same language family and thus display a lot of similarities. For you this means that you can combine and learn a number of foreign languages more easily and more effectively alongside your studies at TU Dortmund University. In turn, this qualifies you to gain experience abroad (as an international student or intern) which will not only enrich your studies, but will also convince your future employer.

You can gain an overview of our general and specialist courses on our homepage in the course timetable. If you have questions, requests or comments, please write an email or visit us at the Department of Foreign Languages.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our courses and wish you a lot of fun in your language learning!


Dr. Laura Tiego

Head of Romance Languages