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General Information

Pre-Requisites for Participation

Please look here for information about the requirements for participation as well as the assessment scheme in our language courses.


Placement Tests

Placement tests for French, Italian and Spanish are compulsory for all participants in general language courses unless they have already passed a qualifying test for the corresponding level. They are optional for all participants in specialist courses (from B1 level) who cannot certify the corresponding level.

Beginners do not need to take a placement test to take the A1 level course.

Students who are able to provide a recognized certificate not older than one semester showing that they have attained an appropriate language level for their desired course are not required to take a placement test.

You can find further information here.



Centralized examinations are offered for the parallel courses in Italian, Spanish and French. These examinations are obligatory; however, those who choose not to take them and wish to register for a higher level course later will have to take a placement test at that time.



Students who meet the following criteria can register for a re-sit:

  •  a) Those who have attended their final examination but have not passed it;
  •  b) Those who had an examination clash on the date of the final examination;
  •  c) Those who were ill on the date of the final examination;
  •  d) Those who had to take part in a university event, excursion, compact course or work experience placement on the date of the final examination;
  •  e) Those who had to work on the date of the final examination.

In cases b) to e), please submit written evidence of your circumstances by email to in order to register for the re-sit examination.

Please note:

We do not accept holiday bookings as a valid criterion for registering for a re-sit.