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Access to the Online Course Platform of the Department of Foreign Languages


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Via our online course platform you can

  • enroll in our courses

  • print out your certificates at the end of the semester

  • register for placement tests

  • search for a tandem partner

  • and more.


Registration / Login

Please use your official UniAccount including the corresponding personal password in order to access our online course platform.


For international exchange students who have not yet received their official UniAccounts:
  • If you wish to register at our online course platform, please contact the secretary's office.
For cross-registered students ("Zweithörer/innen") and independent auditors ("Gasthörer/innen"):
  • Please enter our online course platform via our guest access and upload relevant documentation concerning your status.


Problems / Questions

If you have problems or questions concerning the access to our online course platform, please contact the .


Online Course Platform / Course Program - Overview

Registration / Login to our Course Platform - Direct Link