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Language Certificates



The increasing internationalization of universities as well as the globalization of the employment market make the acquisition of sound foreign language skills unavoidable. These days, they do not represent additional qualifications; they belong to the basic profile of students / university graduates. The ability to present a language certificate therefore improves your chances of employment and your professional prospects.


Language Certificates

At the Department of Foreign Languages, the following inter/national certificates can be attained:

  • DSH (German as a Foreign Language)

  • DAAD Language Certificate (English, French, Spanish, Italian and other modern languages by arrangement)

  • UNIcert® (German as a Foreign Language, English, French, Italian, Spanish)

  • IELTS (English) - in cooperation with the ZFA at RUB


We also offer advice on how to prepare for CELI (Italian). Contact: Dr. Laura Tiego-Eckstein (laura.tiego-eckstein@tu.dortmund.de).


Course Certificates

Upon successful completion of our courses you receive course certificates - so called "Leistungsnachweise". These course certificates document the course grade, the number of weekly hours, the number of credits and the level according to the CEFR. Further information (for example on where / how to get the course certificate) can be found here.