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PAULLA Platform

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PAULLA - Plattform für Autonomes Sprachenlernen und Lernberatung (Platform for Independent Learning and Learning Advice)

In order to make your start in independent language learning easier, the Department of Foreign Languages offers an individual language learning advisory service. Here, you can take a language placement test to see how advanced you already are, agree on fixed learning aims and content in the appropriate language, and choose from a number of learning methods and strategies, cumulating in evaluation of your learning success.



Advisor: Johanna Feier and Dr. Tetyana Müller-Lyaskovets
Office hours: t.b.a.
E-Mail: /
Telephone: 0231 755 7975/0231 755 7027
Location: EF 61, R. 217/EF 61, R. 206b

German as a Foreign Language

Advisor: Dr. Meni Syrou
Office hours: Friday, 10:00 - 12:00
Telephone: 0231 755 4137
Location: EF 61, R. 203

Romance Languages

Advisor: Dr. Laura Tiego
Office hours: Wednesday, 10:00 - 12:00
Telephone: 0231 755 7974
Location: EF 61, R. 217