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Courses - General Information



Target Groups

Language courses offered through the Department of Foreign Languages are primarily for

  1. Students currently enrolled at TU Dortmund University

  2. Cross-registered students at TU Dortmund University (i.e. from other universities - so called "Zweithörende") 

  3. Independent auditors (so called "Gasthörende", including elderly students "Seniorenstudierende") currently enrolled at TU Dortmund University


ad 1

According to university regulations governing the Department of Foreign Languages (zhb), students enrolled at TU Dortmund University receive priority when it comes to the allocation of limited seats in any given course.

ad 2 und 3

Cross-registered students (Zweithörende) and those auditing the course (Gasthörende) may only partake if seats are available.

Please note: While cross-registered students (Zweithörende) may earn credits, those independently auditing a course (Gasthörende) may not (with the exception of Seniorenstudierende). Independent auditors do not need to take our placement tests.


Those not covered by the above designations will not be admitted to any language courses offered through the Department of Foreign Languages.



Publication of Course Program and Enrollment Period

The course program is published on our online course platform. Please take note of the course descriptions which can be viewed / downloaded as PDF-files. Course descriptions as well as course dates (time and location) are subject to change until the beginning of the semester.

You can register for our courses within a designated enrollment period.

Course Program and Enrollment Period Winter Semester (WiSe) 2019/20

Enrollment for courses in the summer semester (WiSe) 2019/20 is possible on our online course platform in the following time period: 24.09.2019 and 25.09.2019 - 04.10.2019 (German as a Foreign Language: 30.09.2019 - 04.10.2019). The courses are open for enrollment as follows:

As of 24.09.2019

  • Romance Languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese): starting at 09:00

  • English: starting at 11:00

As of 25.09.2019

  • other Modern Languages: starting at 09:00

  • Independent Learning: starting at 11:00

  • Ancient Languages: starting at 11:00

As of 30.09.2019

  • German as a Foreign Language: starting at 10:00

As of 01.08.2019

  • German Sign Language (SoSe 2019 - compact course September 2019): starting at 10:00


As of 03.02.2020

  • German Sign Language (WiSe 2019/20 - compact course March 2020): starting at 10:00


The language courses in the winter semester (WiSe) 2019/20 begin on Monday, 07.10.2019 and end on Friday, 31.01.2020.


Online Course Platform / Course Program - Overview

Registration / Login to our Course Platform - Direct Link


Prerequisites for Course Enrollment / Placement Tests / Allotment of Course Places
  • Please find out about the prerequisites for course enrollment as well as about our rules with regard to the allotment of course places before enrollment.
  • Please note: For German, English, French, Italian and Spanish there are placement tests. You do not have to register for a placement test in German. For English, French, Italian and Spanish please register for a test date via our online course platform.


Course Certificates
The successful completion of a course earns you a graded course certificate. The Department of Foreign Languages does not issue ungraded certificates of participation. Further information can be found here.



Preparatory German DSH-Courses
In the Department of Foreign Languages, preparatory courses for university studies are not being offered, and thus no German courses to prepare for the DSH.