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Placement Tests

Please take note of the following information regarding our placement tests:

Formalized placement tests take place for the languages / language fields listed below. You need to register for placement tests in English as well as the Romance languages on our course platform (not on Moodle). You do not need to register for placement tests in German as a Foreign Language.

Click on the following links for more information on available test dates, the test format, and much more:

For all other languages, zhb Department of Foreign Languages does not offer any formal placement tests. If you should have the relevant language proficiency knowledge, which is not acquired by taking the preceding courses at zhb Department of Foreign Languages, please place your level by yourself with the help of CEFR Self-Evaluation Grid and register for the course of that level accordingly. For example, if you place your language level for Dutch at CEFR A1 level, then register for the Dutch A2 course. The courses are all activated for you to register on our course platform during the registration phase. You can also contact the corresponding instructor, if you are uncertain about your own placement and wish to have guidance. In this case, please write an email to our and we will forward your inquiry to the corresponding instructor. Please note, however, that each instructor will make the final decision and could recommend you to change the course if it is necessary.


Tutorial - How to sign up for Placement Tests (English and Romance Languages):