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Allotment of Course Places

Rules with regard to the allotment of course places according to our departmental regulations

Target group

Language courses offered through the Department of Foreign Languages are primarily for students, including elderly students ("Seniorenstudierende"), currently enrolled at TU Dortmund University. External students (i.e. from other universities - so called "Zweithörende") or those wishing to independently audit a particular class (so called "Gasthörende") may attend courses under the following conditions:

  • Proof of Enrollment at External University ("Zweithörerbescheinigung") and/or as an Independent Auditor ("Gasthörerbescheinigung"): For further information about attending classes as either an externally enrolled student or independent auditor, please contact TU Dortmund University’s Department of Student Services (Dezernat 4, Studierendenservice).

  • Availability/Allocation of Course Seats: According to university regulations governing the Department of Foreign Languages (zhb), students directly enrolled at TU Dortmund University receive priority when it comes to the allocation of limited seats in any given course. In the event of a fully booked course, external students and those auditing the course may only partake if seats are officially surrendered.

  • Please Note: While external students may earn credits, those auditing a course may not.

Those not covered by the above designations will not be admitted to any language courses offered through the Department of Foreign Languages.


First come, first served

Places in our courses will be given in order of course enrollment: first come, first served. If the number of places in a course is highlighted in dark grey on our course platform, then the course is already fully booked. In this case, course enrollment is still possible, but you will be placed on the waiting list.


Parallel groups

In order to facilitate the opportunity to participate in courses for as many students as possible, you are only permitted to register for one course of each level, e.g. Spanish A1 (Group A) or Spanish A1 (Group B), but not both.


Multiple registrations

If you are interested in participating in two or more courses that take place at the same time, then you have to pick one course and register for that particular course only.


Repetition of courses

If you have already completed a course successfully in the previous semesters, then you are only allowed to participate in it a second time if there are places available. Please note that you cannot improve your grade by repeating a course nor will we issue any certificates or statements of course participation.


First Lesson
  • For students who have received a course place:

It is crucial that you come to the first lesson; otherwise your place will be given to a student on the waiting list. If you cannot attend the first lesson for some valid reason, then please contact our office. Please note: An excuse for the first lesson already counts as a missing lesson. If you cannot attend the course at all, then please de-register from the course, either by contacting our office or by pushing the button "Abmeldung" on our course platform.

  • For students on a waiting list for a course place:

Students who are in position 1 to 20 of the waiting list should come to the first lesson of the course. Those at position 21 or higher should not come to the first lesson. If further places become available in the first lesson due to absence of students who have received places in the course, you will be informed by email as soon as possible.

Under specific circumstances some students on the waiting list may be given preferential treatment (for example those students who are in their last semester and who need to finish a language course as part of their study program).

If there is exceptional demand for a course, depending on our current financial situation, it is possible that additional courses will be organized. In this instance, you will also be informed by email.

Minimum Number of Participants

If after the third week of a semester fewer than seven participants remain in the course, we must, unfortunately, cancel the course for financial reasons. Therefore, if you register for a course, please plan to actually complete the course. An excessive cancellation rate in the courses during the semester could disadvantage your fellow students who wish to take part in the whole course and have it accredited in their studies.


 Download Departmental Regulations