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Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages


Brücken klein

Dear Students of TU Dortmund University!

In the increasingly globalized professional world, skills in foreign languages are unavoidable for university graduates; the ability to communicate competently in at least one, better still two foreign languages now belongs to the professional academic profile and thus improves your professional prospects. As an expression of cultural diversity, multilingualism constitutes a central value for Europe. Language learning puts you in the position to profit from the cultural diversity of Europe and to acquire intercultural experience. In addition, it helps you to train your memory and to expand your social competences. In short: language learning forms a life-enriching experience, especially if you actively engage in it and understand it not as a selective process, but as lifelong learning.

Our Department of Foreign Languages offers you the opportunity to attain a qualified foreign language education at various levels. We currently have 13 modern foreign languages in our program; in addition, we offer the international students among you a comprehensive choice of courses in German as a Foreign Language (DaF). The ancient languages of Latin, Hebrew and Ancient Greek are also anchored into our program.

I would like to encourage you to complete language courses in our Department of Foreign Languages and look forward to welcoming you here soon. If you have questions, requests or comments, please write an email or come and see us! 

I wish you a lot of fun in your language learning!

Dr. Meni Syrou

Head of the Department of Foreign Languages


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