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Fakultät BCI


Für Studierende der Fakultät BCI werden im Modul Technisches Englisch in jedem Semester mehrere Parallelkurse angeboten. Die Kursdaten (Zeit/Ort) und Kursinhalte sowie die Anmeldemodalitäten entnehmen Sie bitte unserer Kursplattform.


Kursbeschreibung / Kursvorausetzungen

Course Schedule & Goals

In this class you will practice the use of English in the fields of Bio- and Chemical Engineering. The course is structured according to various topics, for instance unit operations, global warming, environmental sustainability, engineering, etc. The aim of the class goes beyond the mere learning of technical terms. Rather, you will practice all of the four skills crucial to language proficiency: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You will work on improving these skills through a combination of exercises, such as:

  • reading texts from the fields relevant to your academic interests

  • writing short essays on discipline-related topics

  • practicing listening comprehension with the use of audio-visual material

  • presenting and discussing scientific subjects

If you have specific topics that you would like us to discuss in class, please feel free to pass them on to the teacher.


Class Participation

Success in any language course strongly depends on the students’ input and participation. The more committed you are, the more you will benefit from this class.



You will not receive a grade for this class as such, because it serves as a preparatory course for the written exam “Technisches Englisch".  Please be aware that you will need to separately register for this written exam.

Even though your performance in this class will not be graded, the teacher expects you to actively participate in class discussions and group works. Whenever you are asked to prepare a task for the upcoming session, you are expected to do so. If you are unwilling to meet these requirements, you will be asked to stop coming to class.

If you actively participate and regularly attend the course, meaning that you may not miss more than three sessions, you qualify for an ungraded certificate. This certificate will testify that you attended the course “English for Bio- and Chemical Engineering.

Please note:

Only the 2 credits which you receive for the written exam ((Klausur: "Technisches Englisch") count within the BCI study programme(s).

The 2 credits that you earn for the successful completion of the course do not count! They are additional credits, which could be beneficial to you in terms of future job applications or if you change from TU Dortmund University to a different university.


Klausurtermine und Klausuranmeldung

Die Klausurtermine werden in Laufe des Semesters auf unserer Homepage unter "Aktuelle Meldungen" veröffentlicht.

Die Anmeldung zur Klausur "Technisches Englisch" erfolgt über das Prüfungsamt mindestens 2 Wochen vor Prüfungstermin.