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The Center for Higher Education (zhb) is a central unit of the TU Dortmund University.
In 2006 the University established the Department of Organizational Studies, Continuing Education & Social Management in order to conduct teaching and research on organization, knowledge management, and research of higher education.

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EGOS Colloquium in Tallinn


13.02.2018 – Uwe Wilkesmann and Maxie Wilkesmann will present at the 34th EGOS Colloquium in Tallinn from 05. to 07-07-2018 a paper with the titel "Organizing routines or knowledge creation by Industry 4.0".


AERA Annual Meeting in New York


29.01.2018 – Uwe Wilkesmann and Sabine Lauer will present at the AERA Annual Meeting 2018 in New York a paper about "The Influence of Regulatory Styles of Teaching Motivation on Academic Teaching".


New Publication

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06.11.2017 – Sabine Lauer & Uwe Wilkesmann (2017): The governance of organizational learning: Empirical evidence from best-practice universities in Germany. The Learning Organization 24: 266-277.


CHER Conference, August 28 - 30, 2017

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04.07.2017 – Sabine Lauer and Uwe Wilkesmann will present a paper at this year's CHER Conference in Jyväskyla, Finland: "The governance of organizational learning. Empirical evidence from best-practice universities in Germany."


EGOS 2017 in Copenhagen

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29.05.2017 – Uwe Wilkesmann will present a paper at the 33rd EGOS Colloquium in Copenhagen from July 6 to 8, 2017 with the title: The artificially staged competition between organizations: How football clubs self-organize their competition and the social inequality.


New Publication


17.05.2017 – Sulamith Frerich, Tobias Meisen, Anja Richert, Marcus Petermann, Sabina Jeschke, Uwe Wilkesmann, A. Erman Tekkaya (eds.) (2017): Engineering Education 4.0. Excellent Teaching and Learning in Engineering Sciences. Springer


New zhb discussion paper


13.02.2017 – Uwe Wilkesmann (2016): Social inquality in German football. Does money score goals?


New Publication

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08.11.2016 – Haertel, Tobias, & Terkowsky, Claudius (Hrsg.) (2016): Creativity in Engineering Education [Special issue]. International Journal of Creativity & Problem Solving, 26(2), October 2016. The Korean Association for Thinking Development.


Cher 2016 - Panel am Queens ' College, Cambridge

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06.09.2016 – Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education: Teaching. Learning, and Identities (Liudvika Leisyte, Uwe Wilkesmann, Christian Schmid, Sabine Lauer, Rosemary Deem).


CHER Conference in Cambridge, 5-7 September 2016

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23.08.2016 – Our chair will give two presentations: Uwe Wilkesmann: „Teaching matters, too – Different ways of governing a disregarded institution“ and Christian Schmid & Sabine Lauer: “Institutional (teaching) entrepreneurs wanted! – Considerations on the professoriate’s agentic potency to enhance academic teaching in Germany”.


New Publication

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18.04.2016 – Liudvika Leisyte & Uwe Wilkesmann (eds.) (2016): Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education: Teaching. Learning, and Identities. New York: Routledge.
With articles from Uwe Wilkesmann, Christian J. Schmid & Sabine Lauer.


New Project

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16.02.2016 – The chair of Prof. Dr. Uwe Wilkesmann will be responsible for the accompanying research of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s (BMBF) funding line “Open Universitites – Advancement through Education” by a consortium led by the new rector of the FernUniversität in Hagen, Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert, together with the University of Oldenburg and CHE.