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peer reviewed Konferenzbeiträge

Auswahl seit 2000

EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies)

  • 2018 in Tallinn: Uwe Wilkesmann & Maxie Wilkesmann: "Organizing routines or knowledge creation by Industry 4.0."
  • 2017 in Kopenhagen: Uwe Wilkesmann: "The artificially staged competition between organizations: How football clubs self-organize their competition and the social inequality."
  • 2016 in Neapel: Sabine Lauer, Alfredo Virgillito, Uwe Wilkesmann & Christian J. Schmid: "In search for a 'powerful' governance to enhance individual teaching performance in Germany"
  • 2016 in Neapel: Uwe Wilkesmann: "Are different power relations from the environment handed down within the organizations of universities and give rise to corresponding governance structures?"
  • 2015 in Athen: Christian J. Schmid, Sabine Lauer & Uwe Wilkesmann: "Who cares (and how to take care about academic teaching)!? The impact of individual 'teaching heroes' within German universities."
  • 2014 in Rotterdam: Sabine Lauer & Uwe Wilkesmann: "Factors that influence research performance and web presence of German universities (Webometrics ranking) - evidence from a national wide survey from 2011"
  • 2013 in Montréal: Uwe Wilkesmann:  "Transformational governance of knowledge intensive work - The case of intrinsic academic teaching motivation"
  • 2012 in Helsinki: Uwe Wilkesmann: “Managerial governance or enculturation – Which aspect has more impact on the perception of significance attributed to teaching at German universities? Findings from two national surveys in Germany”
  • 2012 in Helsinki: Christian J. Schmid: "Ethnographic gameness - thoughts on extra-methodological implications of a study about outlaw motorcycle Clubs"
  • 2011 in Göteborg: Uwe Wilkesmann & Christian J. Schmid: “New Governance and teaching”
  • 2010 in Lissabon: Uwe Wilkesmann & Christian J. Schmid: “The impact of new governance on teaching at German universities” & in Lissabon (zusammen mit Maximiliane Wilkesmann): “Ignorance – the other side of knowledge in professional organizations”
  • 2009 in Barcelona: Uwe Wilkesmann, Maximiliane Wilkesmann & Alfredo Virgillito: “The impact of professional status differences on knowledge transfer in hospitals”
  • 2009 in Barcelona: Uwe Wilkesmann, Heike Fischer & Maximiliane Wilkesmann: “Cultural characteristics of knowledge transfer and cultural competences that international assignees require in Hong Kong and Germany”
  • 2009 in Barcelona: Christian J. Schmid: "Outlaw motorcycle gangs - analyzing the unlikly case of the successful organization of deviant and/or delinquent individuals as brand communities"
  • 2008 in Amsterdam: Uwe Wilkesmann & Doris Blutner: “Upsetting self-governance in a soccer league: Production and allocation of club goods as collective action in the German professional soccer league”
  • 2007 in Wien: Uwe Wilkesmann, Maximilane Wilkesmann & Alfredo Virgillito: “The impact of structural, cultural, and cognitive constraints on organizational learning in hospitals”
  • 2006 in Bergen: Uwe & Maximiliane Wilkesmann: “Structural (cold), cultural, and cognitive (hot) factors of intra-organizational knowledge-transfer”
  • 2005 in Berlin: Uwe Wilkesmann: “Can intra-organizational institutions coordinate knowledge work?”
  • 2004 in Ljubljana: Uwe Wilkesmann & Heiner Minssen: “Steering of universities or self-management and the consequences for motivation – evidence from the German case”
  • 2003 in Kopenhagen: Uwe Wilkesmann: “Self-governance and slowness as prerequisites for knowledge management”
  • 2002 in Barcelona: Uwe Wilkesmann & Ingolf Rascher „Knowledge management and self-governance“  



  • 2018 in New York: Uwe Wilkesmann & Sabine Lauer: "The Influence of Regulatory Styles of Teaching Motivation on Academic Teaching".

EURAM (European Academy of Management):

  • 2014 in Valencia: Uwe & Maximiliane Wilkesmann: "Knowledge transfer in hospitals as second level management"
  • 2013 in Istanbul: Uwe Wilkesmann “Transactional versus transformational governance of universities”  


CHER (Consortium of Higher Education Researcher):

  • 2019 in Kassel: Uwe Wilkesmann & Sabine Lauer: The influence of teaching motivation and New Public Management on academic teaching
  • 2017 in Jyväskylä: Sabine Lauer & Uwe Wilkesmann: Governance of organizational learning: Empirical evidence from best-practice universities in Germany.
  • 2016 in Cambridge: Uwe Wilkesmann: „Teaching matters, too – Different ways of governing a disregarded institution“.
  • 2016 in Cambridge: Christian Schmid & Sabine Lauer: “Institutional (teaching) entrepreneurs wanted! – Considerations on the professoriate’s agentic potency to enhance academic teaching in Germany”.
  • 2015 in Lissabon: Sabine Lauer, Christian J. Schmid & Uwe Wilkesmann: "(Self-)Governance of Academic Teaching. How to Effectively Improve Overall Teaching Performance at German Universities." 
  • 2011 in Reykjavik: Uwe Wilkesmann “The impact of new governance on teaching at German universities”



Weltkongress der Soziologie (ISA)

  • 2014 in Yokohama: Uwe Wilkesmann:  "Which form of organizational governance supports freedom of teaching and increases their perception of relevance?"
  • 2002 in Brisbane: Uwe Wilkesmann & Ingolf Rascher „Motivational and structural prerequisites of knowledge management”



Organization Studies Summer Workshops

  • 2012 Rhodes: Alfredo Virgillito & Christian J. Schmid: "Co-Determination: The dilemmas of information trafficking in work councils"
  • 2013 Mykonos: Christian J. Schmid & Alfredo Virgillito: "Biker club bureaucracy - negotiations of authority relations in outlaw biker gangs"



  • 2014 May, Dominik; Tekkaya, A. Erman; Schuster, Katharina; Richert, Anja; Jeschke, Sabina; Petermann, Marcus (2014): TeachING-LearnING.EU - Three years of improving German engineering education and what can be learned for Europe. In: SEFI 2014 Annual Conference. European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), paper 97. URL: http://www.sefi.be/conference-2014/0097.pdf
  • 2014 Tekkaya, A. Erman / Jeschke, Sabina / Petermann, Marcus / May, Dominik / Friese, Nina / Ernst, Christiane / Lenz, Sandra / Müller, Kristina / Schuster, Katharina (Hrsg.) (2014): movING forward – Engineering Education from vision to mission, 18. und 19. Juni 2013. TeachING-LearnING.EU Tagungsband. Dortmund, Aachen, Bochum: TeachING-LearnING.EU. ISBN 978-3-9814593-6-4